Jericho Walk for Johana Medina Leon

“Please tell me her life mattered. Please tell me she didn’t deserve to die.” We were in the situation room of the TCG Conference planning team. It was early in the week and the enormity of our Conference was hurtling toward us. There wasn’t time to process emotion over things that happened at the Conference,Continue reading “Jericho Walk for Johana Medina Leon”

The Trans Joy of Early Morning Running

It’s been three days in a row so that means I can talk about it. Do you know of the liberating trans joy of very early morning runs? It begins in a shoe store. Our heroine is at last purchasing her first pair of girl shoes. She’d stuck with the New Balance boy shoes forContinue reading “The Trans Joy of Early Morning Running”

The Confidence I (Don’t) Have In My Voice

“Well, the good thing is, you already have confidence in your own voice.” She meant it as a compliment. She had no way of knowing that so-called ‘male socialization’ is almost always used to delegitimatize trans women as women. My friend was just trying to be supportive in the moment of my disclosure to her.Continue reading “The Confidence I (Don’t) Have In My Voice”

A Tale of Three May Thirteens

The photo on the left is from two years ago after completing my final performance of Johnna Adam’s World Builders. Working on the show, I had an odd sense of finality that gave an already meaningful process even more significance. Each moment was precious because I felt sure that I’d never play such a greatContinue reading “A Tale of Three May Thirteens”