Poem: “The Trans Girl in the Tree House”

I was so thrilled to have this poem published in Eclectica Magazine! This is the first of a bunch of published poems I have coming up, so please stay tuned for more. And please read all of the other great pieces in Eclectica’s latest issue. “still, I feel the spin of chrysalisaround me, the gnawContinue reading “Poem: “The Trans Girl in the Tree House””

TREE TALES: an interactive outdoor arts experience

Original illustration by┬áLauren Simkin Berke I’m so happy to be one of the participating playwrights in Prospect Theatre Company’s TREE TALES: an interactive outdoor arts experience. It’s a super-cool choose-your-own-adventure nature work of theatrical abundance with an amazing line-up of contributors. I was thrilled to be just one of many trans writers on the project,Continue reading “TREE TALES: an interactive outdoor arts experience”

A Bar on Turtle Island

A BAR ON TURTLE ISLAND Second Chances is nursing his third beer. He’s White, wears a worn baseball cap, is looking for work, always finds it here. After all, this is the bar where everyone knows your name. Presumed Innocence is with him. He’s a big guy, White under all that scruff, a total teddybearContinue reading “A Bar on Turtle Island”