Jericho Walk for Johana Medina Leon

“Please tell me her life mattered. Please tell me she didn’t deserve to die.” We were in the situation room of the TCG Conference planning team. It was early in the week and the enormity of our Conference was hurtling toward us. There wasn’t time to process emotion over things that happened at the Conference,Continue reading “Jericho Walk for Johana Medina Leon”

Why I (Jericho) Walk

On Thursday of last week, in the bitter cold, I walked in silent circles around 26 Federal Plaza. If you are a U.S. citizen, particularly one whose citizenship isn’t contested, that address may not hold much meaning. For our undocumented neighbors and loved ones, it is a place of deep trauma. For in our so-calledContinue reading “Why I (Jericho) Walk”

Of Feuds and Seven-Hour Sleeps

(Why am I naming days?) 10/20/14, Day 14,048 (Mercena Day 66): Flux Family Feud Fairy-Tale Smackdown We had been worried about the turnout for Flux’s annual Family Feud fundraiser, but it ended up being our best attended, and abundant with love and fun. One VIP in attendance was Mercena, and while it may have beenContinue reading “Of Feuds and Seven-Hour Sleeps”