Jericho Walk for Johana Medina Leon

“Please tell me her life mattered. Please tell me she didn’t deserve to die.” We were in the situation room of the TCG Conference planning team. It was early in the week and the enormity of our Conference was hurtling toward us. There wasn’t time to process emotion over things that happened at the Conference,Continue reading “Jericho Walk for Johana Medina Leon”

Don’t Get Covingtoned

Photo by Isaiah Tanenbaum from Flux Theatre Ensemble’s Understand Our Ground. I remember the first time I experienced the war-craft of Covingtoning. Trayvon Martin has been murdered and there was no doubt who had killed him. The evidence was abundant. His murderer racially profiled him, trying to bring state violence against him before deciding to huntContinue reading “Don’t Get Covingtoned”

Jericho Walk: Even Bochan for Roxana Hernández

Today as I walked in New Sanctuary Coalition’s Jericho Walk, I held Roxana Hernández in my heart. Roxana fled Honduras to escape the “epidemic levels of violence” faced by trans women and sought asylum at the San Ysidro port of entry. Instead of the sanctuary she deserved, she was placed in an “ice box” where she wasContinue reading “Jericho Walk: Even Bochan for Roxana Hernández”

A Ritual for Nathan Phillips

When those young men mocked Omaha elder Nathan Phillips, they meant to hurt him and all Native Peoples. They do not understand yet that an act of hatred is a tear in the fabric of the Beloved Community, and as such, the wound belongs to us all. This ritual is a personal act, something IContinue reading “A Ritual for Nathan Phillips”