Coloring Outside the Lines

Mercena West Schulenburg doesn’t really need any other ways of being different. At her school, she’s the only kid with two female parents, the only one with a trans parent, and the only vegetarian, meaning she eats different food from her classmates almost every day. And so it would be entirely reasonable if she decidedContinue reading “Coloring Outside the Lines”

A Trans Heart in Arya Stark’s Story

Game of Thrones was never must-see TV for me. I enjoyed it, but it was easy to forget after the episodes ended. Then Arya Stark traveled to the House of Black and White to join the Faceless Men and something changed. Now, I’m not saying Arya is a trans character. The language of our world doesn’tContinue reading “A Trans Heart in Arya Stark’s Story”

Spaces Between Us

(Pictured: Isaiah Tanenbaum, Corey Allen, Anna Rahn. Photo by Justin Hoch. From Kevin R. Free’s AM I DEAD? The Untrue Narrative of Anatomical Lewis, The Slave.) “Because the cultural identity formation of most Oceanic people is relational rather than individualistic, it follows that the spaces or vā between and among persons, or between a person andContinue reading “Spaces Between Us”