A Tale of Three May Thirteens

The photo on the left is from two years ago after completing my final performance of Johnna Adam’s World Builders. Working on the show, I had an odd sense of finality that gave an already meaningful process even more significance. Each moment was precious because I felt sure that I’d never play such a greatContinue reading “A Tale of Three May Thirteens”

Facilitating Post-Reading Conversation of Rage Play

Tonight I’ll be facilitating a post-reading discussion of the themes of Rage Play by Nandita Shenoy along with the director Lori Elizabeth Parquet. In December of last year, I facilitated a similar post-workshop talkback, and I was moved and energized by the conversations we had about uprooting internalized patriarchy and then disrupting and dismantling itContinue reading “Facilitating Post-Reading Conversation of Rage Play

Operating Systems: New Scene for Stephen and Benita

WARNING: LIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD Learn more about Operating Systems. BENITA Because no one knows how to hurt us like we know how to hurt us. I don’t want us to hurt each other, Bel. BEL I don’t want that, either. BENITA I don’t want us to compete against each other. BEL No, I won’t. BENITAContinue reading “Operating Systems: New Scene for Stephen and Benita”