Why I’m All-In For Dianne Morales For NYC Mayor

Since January of 2021, I’ve been volunteering with NYC Mayoral Campaign of Dianne Morales, or Team Dianne. After reading an article about the various candidates, I read more about Dianne’s life experience and approach to policy, and signed up to volunteer. As I was welcomed into the Beloved Community of her organizing team, I beganContinue reading “Why I’m All-In For Dianne Morales For NYC Mayor”

South Dakota to Ban all Medical Care for Children Under 16

Building on the success of HB1057, a bill that criminalizes life-saving medical care to transgender children, conservative representatives of South Dakota were proud to announce a new and expanded version of the “Vulnerable Child Protection Act.” This expanded version will now prevent all children, trans and cisgender, from receiving any medical care whatsoever before theyContinue reading “South Dakota to Ban all Medical Care for Children Under 16”

Serena Daniari’s (beautiful, powerful) Voice

I thought about where I was Friday night, not all that far from where Serena was attacked. I thought about my subway ride home, late, how the car was full of men, how I tried not to be afraid. How grateful I was to travel with a friend. I searched for Serena Daniari, and IContinue reading “Serena Daniari’s (beautiful, powerful) Voice”