Poem: “The Trans Girl in the Tree House”

I was so thrilled to have this poem published in Eclectica Magazine! This is the first of a bunch of published poems I have coming up, so please stay tuned for more. And please read all of the other great pieces in Eclectica’s latest issue. “still, I feel the spin of chrysalisaround me, the gnawContinue reading “Poem: “The Trans Girl in the Tree House””

TREE TALES: an interactive outdoor arts experience

Original illustration by┬áLauren Simkin Berke I’m so happy to be one of the participating playwrights in Prospect Theatre Company’s TREE TALES: an interactive outdoor arts experience. It’s a super-cool choose-your-own-adventure nature work of theatrical abundance with an amazing line-up of contributors. I was thrilled to be just one of many trans writers on the project,Continue reading “TREE TALES: an interactive outdoor arts experience”

Why I’m All-In For Dianne Morales For NYC Mayor

Since January of 2021, I’ve been volunteering with NYC Mayoral Campaign of Dianne Morales, or Team Dianne. After reading an article about the various candidates, I read more about Dianne’s life experience and approach to policy, and signed up to volunteer. As I was welcomed into the Beloved Community of her organizing team, I beganContinue reading “Why I’m All-In For Dianne Morales For NYC Mayor”