My First Indigenous Peoples’ Day

(Why am I naming days?) 10/12/15, Day 14,404 (Mercena Day 424): My First Indigenous Peoples’ Day Yesterday was my first Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Now, I’d been aware before yesterday that a national holiday celebrating Christopher Columbus was absurd. I knew his record of personal cruelty and exploitation, and the enormity of suffering and loss that hisContinue reading “My First Indigenous Peoples’ Day”

Mercena, Builder of Towers

(Heather took this photo of Mercena yesterday at the zoo’s playground. This was the first photo that ever made me feel like Mercena was a kid, and not a baby. It’s a strange feeling.) (Why am I naming days?) 10/11/15, Day 14,403 (Mercena Day 423): Builder of Towers This day is so named for Mercena’s skill in stackingContinue reading “Mercena, Builder of Towers”

Radio Flyers and Trumbull Victorious

Belle re-enters the scene. Don’t let that sweet bow fool you. (Why am I naming days?) 09/21/15, Day 14,383 (Mercena Day 402): Radio Flyers and Trumbull Victorious This day is named for two reasons, and the first is entirely celebratory. My dear friend Matthew Trumbull took home a New York Innovative Theatre Award for his roleContinue reading “Radio Flyers and Trumbull Victorious”