Of Feuds and Seven-Hour Sleeps

(Why am I naming days?) 10/20/14, Day 14,048 (Mercena Day 66): Flux Family Feud Fairy-Tale Smackdown We had been worried about the turnout for Flux’s annual Family Feud fundraiser, but it ended up being our best attended, and abundant with love and fun. One VIP in attendance was Mercena, and while it may have beenContinue reading “Of Feuds and Seven-Hour Sleeps”

Mercena Five Weeks; or, The Return of the Swaddle

(Why am I naming days?) 9/19/14, Day 14,017 (Mercena Day 35): Mercena Five Weeks Well, we’re trying not to get our hopes up, but yesterday really did feel like a turning point. The gains of two days ago and the step back the yesterday solidified into a pattern that really seems to be working. NowContinue reading “Mercena Five Weeks; or, The Return of the Swaddle”