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The Uninvited Settler Makes her Pretty Regrets

THE UNINVITED SETTLER MAKES HER PRETTY REGRETS Somewhere along the way we forgot how Things work, how birds fly over, how order Catches from wing to wing. Nature allows Almost anything, except a border. Somewhere along the way we got it wrong. Mistook the land for a claimable thing, Drew lines, built walls, told tales of who belongs, As if the earth weren’t one great belonging. Longing for an order clean as coffins, We killed, we caged, we maimed; named our feast days After butchers. Thought same meant safe. Often A voice would catch from ear to ear, and say,     “Of home you’ve made a prison.” We couldn’t hear.     For all we knew of life was how to fear.

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Shipping That Frosty Sweet

SHIPPING THAT FROSTY SWEET She saw the movie, declared she hated it Spent half the time hiding from the scary bits And has played nothing else since. One weekend, as I played Honeymaren To her Elsa, she declared them married, Cuz even a five-year old knows what ships. We were: Sipping on that cold honey Tripping on the hope of […]

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The Abyssal Zone

THE ABYSSAL ZONE Down here, you better bring your own light. Better grow light bulbs from your forehead To distinguish dark from deeper dark. Teach your gut to wait a week before hunger. Then a month. Then a year. Teach your tongue To love what falls from better places. Down here, we all bleed anti-freeze. We breathe Slow. We trace […]

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