UPCOMING: “What Dreams Are For,” Poet Lore
UPCOMING: “Still the Mind,” The Westchester Review
UPCOMING: “Plague Dream,” SHIFT
UPCOMING: “The Right Kind of Silence,” Nine Cloud Journal
UPCOMING: “Girl of Salt,” “Deep Learning,” Lost Pilots

ONLINE: “Sphinx,” Canned, Issue 2, nominated for a Pushcart Prize
ONLINE: “Summer Is,” miniskirt magazine, Issue 6
ONLINE: “Possession; the act of,” Moist
ONLINE: “My Sexuality,” “I will do side bends and sit-ups/ but I will not lose this butt,” “In the examination chair,” LUPERCALIA press, Vulcanalia 2021
ONLINE: “Dissociation,” The Shore, Issue 11
ONLINE: “For I Will Consider My Catra,” “No Land,” Long Con, Issue 8
ONLINE: “Basket,” “pretty sure amb told me selfies are self-care,” “Too Much of Water,” Inlandia Journal, Fall Issue 2021
ONLINE: “The Firm,” “The Gaze,” “Downpour,” Oroboro, Volume 5
ONLINE: “Fire Escape,” Beaver Magazine
ONLINE: “Swamp Queen,” Moss Puppy, Issue 1
ONLINE: “What the lumberjack knows,” Eclectica Magazine, October/November 2021
ONLINE: “Fear Robinson,” Pensive: A Global Journal of Spirituality and the Arts, Issue 3
ONLINE: “Speakeasy,” Zoetic Press, Prohibition Issue
ONLINE: “Captain Moses Harris,” Pastel Pastoral, Volume 1.5
ONLINE: “The Trans Girl in the Tree House,” Eclectica Magazine, July/August 2021

PRINT: “Escape is an Art,” Moonflake Press
PRINT, “Tracks,” Capsule Stories, Autumn 2021
PRINT: “Ellipsis,” 86 Logic, ‘Zine Issue 5
PRINT: “Three Midnights,” Wingless Dreamer, It’s twelve o’clock anthology
PRINT: “La Cigale,” Coffee People Zine, Issue 14
PRINT: “Glacier, Calve Slowly,” Arachne Press, Words from the Brink Anthology
PRINT: “Sense of Time,” Art on the Trails 2021 chapbook

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