I am working on my first chapbook of poetry, The Girl Who Doesn’t Live Here, a sonnet sequence about growing up as a trans girl. Please find more poetry below!

The Abyssal Zone

Down here, you better bring your own light.
Better grow light bulbs from your forehead
To distinguish dark from deeper dark…

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The Girl Who Doesn’t Live Here

The girl doesn’t live here but she knows the way
To find what she needs when everyone’s gone.
Clothes a woman wears on a sunny day;
The girl who doesn’t live here puts them on…

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The Master’s Tools

The ground is smooth, we say, but you know different.
The surface is smooth, you say, but underneath are razors.
Look at my feet, you say. We gasp at the scars.
But we walk on this ground, we say, every day, without…

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