Corinna Schulenburg


I am currently developing the role of Sam in Metra by Emily Hartford and Ned Massey. This will be the second role I’ve played since transitioning after playing multiple roles in Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival’s Mahicantuck, The River that Flows Both Ways. Some of my favorite roles from when I was male-presenting include Max in World Builders (by Johnna Adams), Marcel DePaul (in the feature film, The Golden Scallop), Doctor X in Hearts Like Fists (by Adam Szymkowicz), and Ezekiel in 8 Little Antichrists (by Johnna Adams), for which I was nominated for an IT Award. I’m looking for great roles for trans women that are not defined by transition or trauma, and any roles for women with agency and complexity. I also love playing non-human, supernatural, and mythic characters.

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