TREE TALES: an interactive outdoor arts experience

Original illustration by Lauren Simkin Berke

I’m so happy to be one of the participating playwrights in Prospect Theatre Company’s TREE TALES: an interactive outdoor arts experience. It’s a super-cool choose-your-own-adventure nature work of theatrical abundance with an amazing line-up of contributors. I was thrilled to be just one of many trans writers on the project, and felt very cared-for by the Prospect team along the way.

My contribution is for younger audiences, though I think grown folx will like it, too. Being a shapeshifter myself, my play imagines the reader as a hero in an uprising for climate justice, taking on the shapes of our animal and natural relations as a form of resistance. It was really fun to write a play in the second-person voice, and to create a narrative structure that could diverge and then cohere in to a single ending. Please go check out this project–maybe I’ll see you there closing weekend?

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