Corinna Schulenburg


Corinna’s produced plays include Carrin Beginning, Kidding Jane, Rue, Riding the Bull, Other Bodies, Honey Fist, Jacob’s House, DEINDE, Dream Walker, Encryption, Jane the Plain, The Lesser Seductions of History, Salvage, The Sea Concerto, and Operating Systems. Her plays have been produced and developed at The Lark Bay Area Playwrights Festival, Ensemble Studio Theatre, Portland Stage Company, Prospect Theatre Company, Flux Theatre Ensemble, and many more She is a 2013-14 Lark Playwrights Workshop Fellow and a member of the Propulsion Lab for Mission to (dit)Mars. Her work has also been published in the New York Theater Review, Stage and Screen, Indie Theater Now, Midway Journal, NoPassport Press and in two issues of Carrier Pigeon.

Operating Systems

SYNOPSIS: At Code Breakers, black and brown high school girls learn software engineering. When Benita is promoted to CEO, she enlists the help of a journalist friend to confront a controversy over rejecting a white student. Then Bel, a new Code Breakers employee, accuses the outgoing CEO sexual misconduct. The fallout threatens the most vulnerable in their community, including Dani, a trans employee and former student.

PRODUCTION HISTORY: Produced by Flux Theatre Ensemble, March 2-16, 2019, at Abrons Art Center

The Sea Concerto

The Sea Concerto follows Lynnie, a poet who has lost her creative voice. Now, a mysterious letter asks her to return to her childhood home to reclaim something of her father’s. Will it help explain why he gave up music? Will that answer help her write again? And can she ever forgive the betrayal that tore her family apart? In the spirit of classic memory plays like The Glass Menagerie and Side Man, The Sea Concerto explores the legacies of pain and resilience that we inherit, pass on, and sometimes let go.


Salvage tells the story of Noma and Akiko, two government officials searching for precious objects through what’s left of a post-catastrophe New York City. When their manager Dennis hires Mandy, a veteran from America’s many wars, the searchers discover things that make them question their mission, and whether it’s time to let their city go.

Jane the Plain

Football, popularity and the clash of the gods: it’s all going down at Plainview High School’s homecoming game in the comic fairy tale Jane the Plain. Jane’s status take a sudden rise after she saves the mysterious Glowing Girl and is given the gift of beauty. Everyone starts falling for her: quarterback Scotty the Hotty, second-stringer Lesson the Decent, even the most popular girl in school, Lexi the Sexy. As the jealous Betty the Pretty seeks to eliminate her new-found rival, Leonard the Awkward tries to win his best friend Jane back. But when another mysterious god, the Mirror Man, starts haunting Scotty, this battle of love and social status takes a dangerous turn of cosmic proportions. What if the wrong choice in high school really could end the world?


In the not-too-distant future, the pressure to cure a global pandemic spurs the creation of DEINDE, a device that allows a team of brilliant quantum biologists to think directly into a powerful computer. At first, they use this prosthetic for the mind under strict rules of engagement, but soon noble ideals and personal passions lead a few to break the rules. They discover that DEINDE’s power is far greater than anyone first imagined, and their world spins out of control, raising questions of morality, consciousness, and what it means to be human in an age of rapid technological change.?

More to come…

Haven’t I written more plays than this? Oh, so many more. Please check back here as I continue to update these pages with more information.

  • TREE TALES: an interactive outdoor arts experience
    Original illustration by Lauren Simkin Berke I’m so happy to be one of the participating playwrights in Prospect Theatre Company’s TREE TALES: an interactive outdoor arts experience. It’s a super-cool choose-your-own-adventure nature work of theatrical abundance with an amazing line-up of contributors. I was thrilled to be just one of many trans writers on the project,Continue reading "TREE TALES: an interactive outdoor arts experience"

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