I’m looking for representation for my first novel,
Zou Waters and the Red-and-Real.

Zou Waters and the Red-and-Real is the first in a middle-grade science fiction series that follows Zou and Liam as they jump forward in time to different planets on a quest to save the sun. The book is written in two parts with a total of 96,339 words.

SYNOPSIS: Something is wrong with the sun. When Zou Waters first hears this message from the Cat with Two Tails, all she wants to do is run away–from the bullies at school, and from her adopted family. Then a strange power sends Zou and her older brother Liam forward in time to a Mars teeming with life. In the rough town of the Red-and-Real, Zou and Liam find a new family. There they learn how to fight the silver-skinned Shivers of the Waste, how to hide from the terrors of the Dead City, and how to throw a stone and never miss. But when Liam is revealed as a starhopper with the power to bend space and time, Zou must figure who they can really trust. Along the way, she steps into her own power, and a destiny as big as the solar system.

Interested in helping Zou Water and the Red-and-Real get published?

WHAT’S NEXT? In addition to looking for representation for my first novel, I’m several chapters into the second book in the series, Zou Waters and the Many Moons. I’m also developing Cutterfly, a graphic novel about a trans girl whose powers come from butterflies.


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