Entertaining Herself

(Why am I naming days?) 9/28/14, Day 14,026 (Mercena Day 44): Entertaining herself Every day, another little breakthrough. Yesterday, for the first time, Mercena entertained herself without parental razzle-dazzle for two extended periods of time. Prior to this, if she’d been left alone anywhere but in here bassinet for sleep, she’d quickly start a-fussing. ButContinue reading “Entertaining Herself”

First Bedtime With Heather Away

(Why am I naming days?) 9/27/14, Day 14,025 (Mercena Day 43): First Bedtime with Heather Away Last night, Heather rode the subway for the first time in six weeks to check out 3 Christs by Peculiar Works at Judson (I saw it the previous night). Thyat meant that I had my first chance to put MercenaContinue reading “First Bedtime With Heather Away”

The First Week at Work

It was easy, and it was hard. The easy part was returning to work. I am so blessed to have co-workers that I genuinely care about and respect, and to have a job I find purpose and pleasure in doing. And so it was surprisingly easy to slip back into the flow, and it wasContinue reading “The First Week at Work”

The Last Day Before Going Back To Work

(Why am I naming days?) 9/21/14, Day 14,019 (Mercena Day 37): The Last Day Before Going Back To Work In my mind, I saw this day going very differently. I imagined we might bring Mercena to the People’s Climate March. When it became clear we couldn’t make that happen, I imagined us  having a peacefulContinue reading “The Last Day Before Going Back To Work”