First Bedtime With Heather Away

(Why am I naming days?) 9/27/14, Day 14,025 (Mercena Day 43): First Bedtime with Heather Away Last night, Heather rode the subway for the first time in six weeks to check out 3 Christs by Peculiar Works at Judson (I saw it the previous night). Thyat meant that I had my first chance to put MercenaContinue reading “First Bedtime With Heather Away”

The Metacognition of the Western Scrub Jay

Any honorable ethics for the anthropocene must transform our valuation of animals from utility to the respect conscious beings deserve. To that end, I love learning of examples of animal intelligence such as the meta-cognition of Western Scrub Jays: “Western scrub jays, corvids native to western North America, are a favorite of cognitive scientists becauseContinue reading “The Metacognition of the Western Scrub Jay”