TREE TALES: an interactive outdoor arts experience

Original illustration by┬áLauren Simkin Berke I’m so happy to be one of the participating playwrights in Prospect Theatre Company’s TREE TALES: an interactive outdoor arts experience. It’s a super-cool choose-your-own-adventure nature work of theatrical abundance with an amazing line-up of contributors. I was thrilled to be just one of many trans writers on the project,Continue reading “TREE TALES: an interactive outdoor arts experience”

Phone Meetings and Little Gains

(Why am I naming days?) 10/16/14, Day 14,044 (Mercena Day 62): Phone Meetings and Little Gains I really wanted to go to work yesterday. I had told myself that it was possible (it was never really possible). I needed it to be possible, both for my own sense of progress and because I had fourContinue reading “Phone Meetings and Little Gains”