Mercena’s First Flux Season Vote

(Why am I naming days?) 9/17/14, Day 14,015 (Mercena Day 33): Mercena’s First Flux Season Vote After feeling overwhelmed on her 32rd day, her 33rd day marked a big breakthrough. She became markedly more comfortable with the Eat/Activity/Sleep pattern laid out by The Baby Whisperer, and within that pattern, she had much more happy, engaged awakeContinue reading “Mercena’s First Flux Season Vote”

Journal, 07/02/12

“FEEHAN: Or maybe…maybe she does offer him a cigarette. And when he turns, she’s not sure. Maybe it’s him, maybe it isn’t, it’s been a long time, and whoever this guy is, he’s been beat up by the world, and this dame, she’s been beating things up, so they think, but they don’t know. HeContinue reading “Journal, 07/02/12”

Journal, 5/31: Only What I Mean

ME Sometimes I like to think that I am a small pot of water and all my passing days are the heat beneath me and I am beginning to simmer I am turning into steam and one day soon I will become the air: still myself, only everywhere. Only what I mean by water isContinue reading “Journal, 5/31: Only What I Mean”