Poem: “The Trans Girl in the Tree House”

I was so thrilled to have this poem published in Eclectica Magazine! This is the first of a bunch of published poems I have coming up, so please stay tuned for more. And please read all of the other great pieces in Eclectica’s latest issue. “still, I feel the spin of chrysalisaround me, the gnawContinue reading “Poem: “The Trans Girl in the Tree House””

A Bar on Turtle Island

A BAR ON TURTLE ISLAND Second Chances is nursing his third beer. He’s White, wears a worn baseball cap, is looking for work, always finds it here. After all, this is the bar where everyone knows your name. Presumed Innocence is with him. He’s a big guy, White under all that scruff, a total teddybearContinue reading “A Bar on Turtle Island”

The Uninvited Settler Makes her Pretty Regrets

THE UNINVITED SETTLER MAKES HER PRETTY REGRETS Somewhere along the way we forgot how Things work, how birds fly over, how order Catches from wing to wing. Nature allows Almost anything, except a border. Somewhere along the way we got it wrong. Mistook the land for a claimable thing, Drew lines, built walls, told talesContinue reading “The Uninvited Settler Makes her Pretty Regrets”

Shipping That Frosty Sweet

SHIPPING THAT FROSTY SWEET She saw the movie, declared she hated it Spent half the time hiding from the scary bits And has played nothing else since. One weekend, as I played Honeymaren To her Elsa, she declared them married, Cuz even a five-year old knows what ships. We were: Sipping on that cold honeyContinue reading “Shipping That Frosty Sweet”