Journal, 5/31: Only What I Mean

ME Sometimes I like to think that I am a small pot of water and all my passing days are the heat beneath me and I am beginning to simmer I am turning into steam and one day soon I will become the air: still myself, only everywhere. Only what I mean by water is my body and by steam, I mean words, and by everywhere, I mean you. This poem came to me in almost this exact form while on the way for my late afternoon coffee.  It is in some ways a variation on the theme of the gorgeous ending of Song of Myself by the goodly Walt, and more directly inspired by Stanley Kunitz’s Passing Through: “gradually I’m changing to a word…” Still, I think there is something uniquely my own that I’ve been trying to say for some time that is now said exactly right in the poem above. There was a reading of the thick middle of Encryption at the Reverie Writer’s Group, and I was surprised by how well it clipped along and held everyone’s attention. I think after DEINDE I’m extra-sensitive of my inclination to fully explore character and idea at the expense of plot, but at least after this reading, no one named a section that felt slow or unnecessary, even with my prompting. Still, there was something that wasn’t feeling right about the play until seven pages this morning, when the […]

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