(Why am I naming days?) 10/19/14, Day 14,047 (Mercena Day 65): Archie Another detail of these early days I want to remember: the odd contortions where she arches back into some extravagant angle that couldn’t possibly be comfortable, and yet is her most comfortable position (see above for an example). We call this “arching” andContinue reading “Archie”

Taina and Marvin First Draft Complete

(Why am I naming days?) 10/4/14, Day 14,032 (Mercena Day 50): Taina and Marvin First Draft Complete Yesterday was a good day: Mercena turned fifty days old, and I finished the first draft of my next full-length play, currently titled Taina and Marvin. There’s a lot I’m happy about with this play: The characters, theContinue reading “Taina and Marvin First Draft Complete”