That Inscrutable Wail

(Why am I naming days?) 8/25/14, Day, 13,992 (Mercena Day 11): That Inscrutable Wail I love the word inscrutable. It is a central word to two plays of mine, Other Bodies and Encryption.   It may be this love of the word inscrutable is a manifestation of the pretension I am sometimes teased about by certain friends. However, ifContinue reading “That Inscrutable Wail”

Mercena’s First Walk; or, #StrollerFail

(Why am I naming days?) 8/24/14, Day, 13,991 (Mercena Day 10): Mercena’s First Walk; or, #StrollerFail Well, it’s not technically her first walk outside–that was to the pediatrician–but it was her first walk just for walking’s sake.  Look how well it’s going! Well…it didn’t exactly start that way. We give you the shocking footage from #StrollerFail 2014Continue reading “Mercena’s First Walk; or, #StrollerFail”

Mercena’s Due Date (and Welcome Home, Raven)

(Photo above by Zack Robidas.) (Why am I naming days?) 8/23/14, Day, 13,990 (Mercena Day 9): Mercena’s Due Date (and Welcome Home, Raven) Yup, this was the day that Mercena was scheduled to arrive on the scene, but clearly she had other ideas. We knew that the due date was always just an idea, but ofContinue reading “Mercena’s Due Date (and Welcome Home, Raven)”

Mercena’s First Week; or, Only/Already

(Why am I naming days?) 8/22/14, Day, 13,989 (Mercena Day 8): Mercena’s First Week It’s hard to believe it’s only/already been a week. Was there really ever a time this strange and beautiful creature wasn’t the center of our lives? And like any anniversary celebration, there was drama and excitement a-plenty. We began by stagingContinue reading “Mercena’s First Week; or, Only/Already”