The Stroller Strikes Back

(Why am I naming days?) 9/2/14, Day 14,000 (Mercena Day 19): The Stroller Strikes Back Wait…what’s this? A peacefully-sleeping, blissful baby in the infamous Roly-Poly Torture Device of Hate and Screaming? And yet, so it was, that nine days after #StrollerFail2014, the stroller struck back; and we enjoyed quite a placid (if sweaty) stroll through the movie-setContinue reading “The Stroller Strikes Back”

Got to Meltdown to Get Up

(Why am I naming days?) 8/31/14, Day, 13,998 (Mercena Day 17): Got to Meltdown to Get Up Our newly bright-eyed baby of The Great Awake was somewhat less then bushy-tailed yesterday, as all that new alertness took its toll.  Much like the weather, she had scattered meltdowns throughout the day, none that we couldn’t manageContinue reading “Got to Meltdown to Get Up”