…and I still can’t stand and we’re all laughing…

(Why am I naming days?) 8/21/14, Day, 13,988 (Mercena Day 7): …and I still can’t stand and we’re all laughing… We take a break from your regularly scheduled baby blogging for the following message: This day is so named because our devised adaptation of Goethe’s Faust opened last night, and thanks to Heather and Sandra watching overContinue reading “…and I still can’t stand and we’re all laughing…”

Mercena Day Six; or, Just the Three of Us

(Why am I naming days?) 8/20/14, Day, 13,987 (Mercena Day 6): Mercena, Day Six; or, Just the Three of Us Now, do not for one second think that this means you shouldn’t come and visit us: please do. And we’ve been exceedingly grateful for the visits and support thus far. But yesterday we had aContinue reading “Mercena Day Six; or, Just the Three of Us”

Mercena Day Five; or, Meeting Richard

(Gorgeous picture taken by Heather) (Why am I naming days?) 8/19/14, Day, 13,986 (Mercena Day 5): Mercena, Day Five; or, Meeting Richard This is how Mercena met her grandfather Richard. It was in the morning of Day Five, and Sandra aka “Mommom” came into our bedroom where a sleeping Mercena lay between Heather and me.Continue reading “Mercena Day Five; or, Meeting Richard”

Mercena Day Four; or, The Production Meeting

(Why am I naming days?) 8/18/14, Day, 13,985 (Mercena Day 4): Mercena, Day Four; or, The Production Meeting How will two theatre-producing new parents balance a new baby with the crazy imbalanced life of a theatre maker? We got a small taste of what it will be like yesterday, when a four-day old Mercena WestContinue reading “Mercena Day Four; or, The Production Meeting”