KD and The Band, First Draft Done

(Why am I naming days?) 9/10/14, Day 14,008 (Mercena Day 26): KD and The Band, First Draft Done To my great surprise and happiness, last night around 12:15 in the morning I finished a first draft of KD and The Band. Oh, it’s all sorts of messy, but it’s done, and in surprisingly short time: IContinue reading “KD and The Band, First Draft Done”

Core Value: The Future

(Why am I naming days?) 9/9/14, Day 14,007 (Mercena Day 25): Core Value: The Future This day is no named by The Will Lowry commenting on our Flux meeting conducted in five separate locations via Google Hangout and featuring a blissfully sleeping Mercena West Schulenburg (she seems to love a group of loud voices, perhapsContinue reading “Core Value: The Future”

SpeakEasy of Shifting Sundays and Immigration Above the Tennis

(Why am I naming days?) 9/8/14, Day 14,006 (Mercena Day 24): SpeakEasy of Shifting Sundays and Immigration Above the Tennis  Thanks to Marnie keeping Heather and Mercena company, I was able to attend Flux’s SpeakEasy (our irregular gathering of the Friends of Flux) at The Thirsty Fan last night. It’s always weird to leave theContinue reading “SpeakEasy of Shifting Sundays and Immigration Above the Tennis”

Those Slippery Baby Hours

(Why am I naming days?) 9/7/14, Day 14,005 (Mercena Day 23): Those Slippery Baby Hours There are various versions of the saying, “When it comes to raising kids, the days go slow, but the years go fast.”  I’d say that after “It’s the hardest but the best thing I’ve done,” that it’s the most popularContinue reading “Those Slippery Baby Hours”