Radio Flyers and Trumbull Victorious

Belle On The Scene

Belle re-enters the scene. Don’t let that sweet bow fool you.

(Why am I naming days?)
09/21/15, Day 14,383 (Mercena Day 402): Radio Flyers and Trumbull Victorious

This day is named for two reasons, and the first is entirely celebratory. My dear friend Matthew Trumbull took home a New York Innovative Theatre Award for his role in The Temple. I could not celebrate with him, because I was home with Mercena so that Heather could present the Caffe Cino Fellowship Award, but I rejoiced at seeing my Facebook and Twitter feeds light up with Trumbull-ocity. He is deservedly beloved, not only because of his talent, but because of his kindness, thoughtfulness, and mid-westerly comic brilliance. I think of so many Flux Sunday readings where he’s brought a sudden depth to a barely-rehearsed scene and suddenly we are there, at the heart of the raw mystery; the rest of us stand there, scripts in hand, wondering how he did it. My betters will find funnier ways to honor his victory, but mostly, I’m just grateful to see a truly gifted and good human being deservedly celebrated.

Of course, the day would’ve been even better if Becky Byers had won for Once Upon a Bride There Was a Forest, but since fate is fickle, let me use this little space to honor her work. Becky played Belle Wright like a pink and sparkly lit fuse, creeping  down a frilly wick toward a fierce boom. She caught Belle’s humor and charm while keeping the unstable motor of her anxiety always thrumming. I had the good fortune of seeing her performance evolve over the course of the run, and each show she discovered more nuance and drive. If you’re one of the rare people reading this who haven’t seen her work, get thee to The Honeycomb Trilogyand get on board with the Byersmania.

The other half of today’s name acknowledges Mercena’s obsession with her Radio Flyer toddler bike. Last night, as I was putting her to bed, she noticed the bike in the corner of our room and went from peaceful-sleepy to I-shall-toddle-that-bike-sleep-be-dammed in seconds. Luckily, her outrage over being denied a bedtime biking reprieve disappeared once I started singing her lullaby.

The day also included beginning Chapter Six of After Earth; working late on TCG stuff (and an exciting meeting about publishing some of our EDI work); hunting for a space for some upcoming Flux events, and prepping for NET’s NYC Listening Tour this Saturday. Busy goes the bee; but here’s four days on the blog in a row! Look out.

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