Mercena, Builder of Towers

Mercena becomes a kid

(Heather took this photo of Mercena yesterday at the zoo’s playground. This was the first photo that ever made me feel like Mercena was a kid, and not a baby. It’s a strange feeling.)

(Why am I naming days?)
10/11/15, Day 14,403 (Mercena Day 423): Builder of Towers

This day is so named for Mercena’s skill in stacking and balancing towers of blocks, one of her new favorite activities. This video really says it all:

Mercena and the Blocks from August Schulenburg on Vimeo.

Coupled with the picture above, it’s hard to shake the feeling that she’s becoming more of a kid than a baby. Of course, she can be both, in the way we each hold all of our past selves within us like nesting dolls, but it’s still quite a shock of mixed emotions to witness.

I was away for part of the day hosting Flux Sunday, which had been causing me a solid dose of worry because of a time shift and a jigsaw puzzle of participation. Though not perfect, it ended up being one of our better Sundays, in part because so many Creative Partner participated, and in part because my contribution, For Her–a radio play for an upcoming podcast event–played better than I expected. I’m still feeling disconnected from my playwriting life, but yesterday gave me some hope I’ll find my way back.

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