The Day After One


(Photo by Sarah Schulenburg.)

(Why am I naming days?)
08/16/15, Day 14,347 (Mercena Day 366): The Day After One; or, Cousin Robert is the Coolest

A quick two-day update: the Sunday after Mercena’s first birthday was our chance to spend some extended time with Cousin Robert, Aunt Sarah, and Uncle Allan. Robert may be going through his Terrible Threes, where the default is No first and Think later, but to Mercena, he is a wondrous creature that instantly becomes the most exciting thing in the the room. She may be more interested in playing with him than the reverse, but her definition of playing with him can simply involve proximity, so she had plenty of satisfying parallel play. The highlight of the cousin party was a bath where Robert shared his turtles with a rapturous Mercena–we were worried she wouldn’t be able to sleep from all the excitement (she did).

This last day of family also involved more Catan (victory for me), Cribbage (crushing defeat at the hands of my brother), and local corn for dinner out on the terrace. It was great to have time to really talk with Sarah and Allan, who have proceeded us on this parental journey by several years, and who offer weary wisdom about the challenges (and joys) to come.

We also had a great time at Yellowstone Park, where Mercena took her usual delight in being soaked by sprinklers as larger kids dash all around:

Park Fun

08/17/15, Day 14,348 (Mercena Day 367): Zero Inbox TCG

It’s somewhat embarrassing to admit the delight I took in reaching Zero Inbox at TCG, but it’s been so long–eight or nine years?–since I had zero emails in my inbox at the end of the day that it really does deserve the eponymous honors.

Now, that doesn’t mean I’m actually caught up with work at TCG; oh, what an amazing feeling that would be! But it does mean that I can actually think about what projects I want to focus on, rather than batting the email endlessly back over the net.

Speaking of net, I worked more on prep for the gathering, and had a ridiculous impromptu Flux meeting that involved the full arsenal of G-Hang silliness (and we got some work done on planning the fall fundraiser). Then it was cleaning the house, eating dinner, catching up with Heather and suddenly, it’s midnight and I’m exhausted. After finally feeling better after a few days under the weather, I didn’t push it; I went to sleep at a semi-reasonable hour, and had uneasy dreams about Mercena crawling out of our car and getting lost on the beach…there is no escape from worrying about these lovely crituras, not even in sleep…

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