New Chapters

(Why am I naming days?)
08/19/15, Day 14,350 (Mercena Day 369): Chapter Four of After Earth Complete

Yesterday was particularly satisfying because two important projects very dear to my heart passed important milestones. I completed the fourth chapter of my sci-fi novel After Earth on the subway in the morning, and in the afternoon, received the green light for the launch of a TCG project I’ve been working on for almost two years. A great deal of work remains on both counts, but my life is all about the long game now; chipping away at these big dreams one day at a time. One setback, one adaptation, one little victory at a time. More on both these things soon.

08/18/15, Day 14,349 (Mercena Day 368): Liminal at the Fringe

This day was mostly defined by intense preparation for a presentation related to the TCG project above, but I also had the delightful opportunity to see my friend Amelia Parenteau’s production of her play Liminal at the Fringe. She had a great actress in the lead role, and the scenes with a chorus of NYC women undermining her protagonist’s claims for a single story were a particular joy. It was a 9:30pm show, and a late ride home, but I was grateful to reconnect with the Fringe, and witness Amelia’s work brought to vivid life. It is a searching, aesthetically restless, and socially-curious play that explores what connections are possible across our barriers of privilege, and how healing after trauma happens in a city of strangers. Bravo!

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