Shots, and a little relief

bath and shots

(Why am I naming days?)
10/17/14, Day 14,045 (Mercena Day 63): Shots and a little relief

A big medical day for daughter and father yesterday. Mercena had the first round of her 2-month vaccinations, and I felt the first glimmer of real recovery for my back injury.

Heather reports that her 2-month appointment went well! Mercena breast-fed through the shots, and thus far (knock on all the wood) has not caught sick from the vaccinations. She’s been maybe a touch more sleepy, but not much more than a touch. Everything else seems to be going well, according to Doc Gocs (which is almost as perfect a name as Dia the Doula), and she had a pretty great day yesterday, including as smooth an entry into bedtime as we’ve had yet (adorable bath picture is actually from two days ago, but it was too cute not to share). Her irritated skin from the baby shampoo of that bath has also gone away, and it thankfully didn’t seem to bother her much.

On the back front (tee hee), I woke up feeling only slightly better, but I tried to stay as mobile as possible while working from home (a lot of shambling about on my phone meetings). Then, at around 5:30pm, I took a quick nap on our terrace and got back up feeling, for the first time since the injury, discomfort instead of pain. It was most comfortable discomfort I’ve ever felt, and this morning the progress seems to have held.

I also managed to write again, and resume my Spanish and guitar practice. My fingers are all sorts of crossed that I’m back on the road to normal, and that if this yoga practice holds, I’ll actually be the better for the injury.

Technique never stands still: it only advances or retreats…

Writing: 164 out of 213 days (New Year)
Spanish: 135 out of 213 days
Music: 64 out of 119 days
Yoga: 3 out of 3 days

What small things did I do yesterday to help build the Honeycomb?
(And what does it mean to “Help build the honeycomb?”)

9 Circles:
(Um, yeah, so what is this again?)

A prayer keep me recovering without self-pity,
And love to my Aunt from her phew-g,
And a lion of courage to two friends mourning loss,
And action to keep poison from our city.
Praise to Emily Mendelsohn’s theatre work in East Africa,
And justice for Brishna in Afghanistan,
Wonder for the brute elegance of Odobenus rosmarus,
And for dark matter from our bright sun;
And hey there, beautiful mystery.

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