No Man Can See To All Ends

(Why am I naming days?)

3/02/14, Day 13,793: No Man Can See To All Ends

This day is so named because I had to cancel Flux Sunday from being unable to pull it together in time during this past week of Blood Brothers craze, making it the most notable casualty of my decision to take the role. Yes, this quote might be a wee weighty for such a non-event, but it is a quote that I think of often, though where it comes from, I can’t remember… maybe Rome? The Bible? Google tells me nothing, so I must be mis-remembering the shape of the quote, as well…

For such a mysterious quote, I think of it often. Sometimes, it serves as a healthy reminder to not go things alone; other times, its warning is more sinister: somewhere, some neglected or abandoned thing is worming its way back into the fabric of my life and will emerge in some sudden alley, armed like Brother Mouzone and Omar against Stringer Bell, to unravel things.

Although really, a better title for yesterday might just be laundry, shopping, sleeping, cleaning and not watching the Oscars…a day of recovery after the close of the show…

Technique never stands still: it only advances or retreats…

Writing: 53 out of 63 days (Angel Juice) 
Spanish: 53 out of 63 days

What small things did I do yesterday to help build the Honeycomb?
(And what does it mean to “Help build the honeycomb?”)

  • Posted a Flux Sunday report;
  • Signed this petition in support of women’s reproductive rights;
  • Asked Albany to support the universal pre-K plan;
  • Cooked and ate all vegetarian meals (mostly organic, some local) and added no direct food waste (plastics bags, plastic water bottles, etc.);

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