Flux Sunday, Blood Brothers, Photo Shoot

(Why am I naming days?)

2/23/14, Day 13,787: Flux Sunday, Blood Brothers, Photo Shoot

This day is prosaically named after its three big events: a Flux Sunday at Judson, another Blood Brothers rehearsal, and the Jane the Plain photo shoot (which I was not physically at, but which I helped prepare for and which occupied most of my daily thoughts). 

The first and the third will be blogged about over on the FluxBlog, so I’ll talk briefly about the second here. It’s wonderful to be in such good company as the Blood Brothers cast, and the scenes for Into the Life of Things are taking huge strides each rehearsal. At this point, it’s my final confrontation scene that continues to be a challenge, mostly because we just haven’t run it enough for my hold on the lines to survive being full present.

The show will be worth seeing: Stephanie Willing wears her role with a yoga-like grace; Matthew Trumbull and I get a big dramatic scene together; Anna Rahn is doing some marvelously layered work; Rebecca Comtois and Leal Vona are pitch perfect as the cops; and director Patrick Shearer has done great work steering Nat Cassidy’s complex, smart and funny script into cohesive shape.

I was also able to get some writing done on both Angel Juice and After Earth, and I’m finally feeling all the way better…just in time for a supremely busy week.

Technique never stands still: it only advances or retreats…

Writing: 48 out of 56 days 
Spanish: 49 out of 56 days 

What small things did I do the past day to help build the Honeycomb?
(And what does it mean to “Help build the honeycomb?”)

  • Rehearsed Blood Brothers;
  • Asked Secretary Jewell to keep gray wolves protected under the Endangered Species Act;
  • Facilitated a Flux Sunday, and helped prepare for the Jane the Plain photo shoot;
  • Tweeted the petition for greater inclusion from the TV networks;
  • Signed another petition to end drift gilnetting in California;
  • Composted our food waste for the week, and shopped at the farmer’s market;
  • Asked Senator Leahy to end the ‘blue slip’ practice that prevent the nominations of progressive candidates for the judiciary;
  • Cooked vegetarian meals (mostly organic and vegan, some local) and added no additional food waste (like plastic bags, plastic water bottles, etc.);

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