Honeycomb Update #Trayvon

(Why am I naming days?) (And what does it mean to “Help build the honeycomb?)

7/22/13, Day 13,773: Hard Conversations and Hardcore Moves
Since the verdict on Trayvon’s murder, I have been desperate to talk to people about it, and those conversations have happened on Twitter, on Facebook, but  most importantly, in person. This Monday, Heather and I had a hard/beautiful/inspiring/difficult conversation with one of our dearest friends about what we can do–about what we must do–as people, as artists, as Flux Theatre Ensemble–to respond. More on that anon.

That conversation was followed by some hardcore dancing at the New York Innovative Theatre Awards (Flux was nominated of the 5th straight year) which I talk a little about here. In short, an amazing day.

7/23/13, Day 13,774: Willing Participant for Tuesday #Trayvon
On Tuesday night, I joined Willing Participant for Tuesday #Trayvon, What felt like around 30-40 people gathered to rehearse and perform a poetic theatre action in response to Trayvon’s murder and trial in Times Square. They’ll be sharing out media from the event shortly, and so I’ll talk more about this soon, as it really should be its own post. Suffice to say, this was a powerful, transformational experience that I’m working through.

7/24/13, Day 13,775: Compassion for Kessler, or Reaching the Unreachable
I was deeply disturbed by the series of violent, homophobic rants posted by Gilberton Borough police chief, Mark Kessler. I don’t know how a liberal or LGBTQ person could possibly expect equal protection from this police chief, and I don’t believe it constitutes a violation of his free speech to pressure Gilberton officials to request an apology from him on those grounds. It’s also an interesting thought exercise to imagine how differently people would react if Mark were a black or Muslim man making threatening statements about government officials while firing off assault rifles. But beyond all that, I feel deep pity for a man who was raised with so little compassion for others, and so little self-awareness, and I wonder if it’s possible to reach someone who is both so deeply afraid and gleefully cruel. What are the limits of persuasion? How could we convince such a man that liberals and LGBTQ people are worthy of respect and compassion, not insults and threats? After the high of the previous two days, this video–and similar news of violence towards LGBTQ persons in Russia–brought me down.

7/25/13, Day 13,776: Letters to Guantánamo
I had the pleasure of attending Letters to Guantánamo, produced by New Georges for Women Center Stage, and created by Dipika Guha bake-off style with many wonderful playwrights like Crystal Skillman and Gina Fermia (who contributed a particularly haunting piece). It is extremely important to keep attention on Guantánamo, and I’m curious if the model of Gun Control Theatre Action, led in such inspiring fashion by Caridad Svich, holds potential for this work, as well. I hope to meet and discuss this possibility with Dipika soon.

I also had the pleasure of meeting with activist/artist, aka, artivista Kayan Irani for lunch. She is a truly inspiring person who has done a lot of Theatre of the Oppressed work here and in places like Kabul, Afganistan, and you should know more about her.

What are some small things I did to build the Honeycomb the past few days?

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