Days and Landays

me with voting rights

(Why am I naming days?) (And what does it mean to “Help build the honeycomb?)

Things somehow got busy again, and I found myself a little overwhelmed by the Trayvon verdict and subsequent responses, and so I’ve been a little truant here with my updates. Here, quickly, is my round-up of day-naming and honeycomb building:

7/10/13, Day 13, 761: Day of Sad Ducks
So-named for this moving article about how animals experience grief in Scientific American. Commitment to vegetarianism=renewed.

7/11/13, Day 13,762: Dreaming the Next MicroFest
I am blessed to be on the board of the Network of Ensemble Theaters, and this day’s highlight was our board phone call. We discussed potential options for the next series of MicroFests. I’m still unpacking the transformational experiences of the MicroFests in New Orleans and Honolulu this year, and was grateful to participate in the dialogue about where we might land next.

7/12/13, Day 13,763: Dreaming the Next Forum
Conveniently, the next day’s highlight was a TCG meeting to discuss plan’s for TCG’s next Fall Forum on Governance. My colleagues Dafina, Devon and Julia are so wonderful to work with, and I’m very excited about the (for now secret) direction of this Forum.

7/13/13, Day 13,764: Salvage Scene 2, Meeting Mandy
I finished scene 2 of my new play Salvage, and introduced a new character, Mandy.

7/14/13, Day 13,765: Flux Sunday Takes to the Bathroom
After a longer than usual break, we returned to Flux Sunday, which featured for the first time not one but two scenes staged in the bathrooms. Welc0ome back.

7/15/13, Day 13,766: Innovation Station, or Who Gets to Play?
At TCG, we participated in an innovation planning session about which I cannot say much, except to say that I increasingly feel that the big questions facing theatre, and quite possibly America, emerge from a simple yet persistent question, “Who Gets To Play?” I also participated in a brainstorming session for the Lark (aka my favorite people), so this day was definitely Innovation Station.

7/16/13, Day 13,767: Faust Reincarnate, or Soul Jello
A great meeting with Marielle Duke, who will be directing my adaptation of Faust for her company Adapative Arts, focused on how to update the theology and cosmology of the Goethe’s play to feel urgent/dangerous/personal today. A highlight was our coining of the words, “Soul Jello.” Shove us into shallow waters before we get to deep…

7/17/13, Day 13,768: The Reading Party of GIF-Laughs
Flux hosted a reading party to push through our completely overwhelmed literary department, and not only were we treated to a great turnout of readers, but Will created the funniest GIF ever involving him, Adam, and a slow shake of the head.

7/18/13, Day 13,769: The Howl for Creative Justice
I co-moderated this. Much more on this anon, too.

7/19/13, Day 13,770: Animals on the Terrace
Our first real dinner party in our new place featured a meal on the terrace with two dear friends and many animal-themed stories, including but not limited to: The Tale of the Bioluminescent Stingray; The Dog and the Faun; The Mosquito Mist and the Avenging Dragonflies; and Sad Giant Grates Cheese.

7/20/13, Day 13,771: Mohonk Mountain House Moon Landays
Our first day on our weekend vacation at Mohonk Mountain House involved navigating an amazing rock scrambles, swimming and many other rejuvinations; but my favorite moment was trading landays about the moon in English and Spanish with my beloved wife: “The moon tries to joke/ But takes a month to wink”

7/21/13: Day 13,772: Mohonk Mountain House and Zadee’s Bower
More vacation fun weekend fun, including a hike on a rock scramble called Zadee’s Bower that we particularly loved.

A short version of ways that I helped build the Honeycomb over this past week and a half (partial list, but some list is better no list, right?)((Due to time, I’ve just posted links to my petition/call activity because I don’t have time to rewrite them all-personal like)):

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  1. Gus, I always enjoy reading your blogs… but I find it ironic that wordpress put a big mac ad on your post, particularly after you just mentioned your commitment to vegetarianism. Anyone know if everyone sees the same ad on this page, or is wordpress pegging me, specifically, as a potential big mac eater?

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