Spider-bites, #Theatretalk and Somewhere Safer

I have been absent from Honeycomb updates because of two unexpected events: 1) I had a nasty spider-bite that became infected and left me trapped in my then-Wifi-less home (thinking of you, Jo Carson); and 2) I was cast to fill in for an actor that needed to drop Lauren Ferebee’s wonderful play, Somewhere Safer, which opened yesterday in the Fringe. So, rather than attempt to catch up on all of those days, I will focus on yesterday and try to be more present in these pages of glass-blown 1s and 0s.

First up: today, Monday the 12th, I am participating in the inaugural launch of #TheatreTalk, a Twitter conversation about playwrights led by Kanji and the Lark. I join a rockstar group of panelists, and you can learn more about the event here. Please join the conversation!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled program:

(Why am I naming days?) (And what does it mean to “Help build the honeycomb?)

8/11/13, Day 13, 613*: Somewhere Safer opens

Beyond the excitement of learning a role in a week’s time, and beyond the satisfaction of getting my yearly-ish dose of acting, opening Somewhere Safer yesterday provided the deep satisfaction of watching Lauren Ferebee’s vision take flight (along with the serious talents of our cast and creative team). Lauren is one of those people who seems like they might secretly be an evolved version of Homo Sapiens: she is an actor, director, playwright, singer-songwriter and activist who continually dazzles me with each new project. Somewhere Safer is a formally ambitious, politically engaged and deeply felt play that I hope you will make time to see.

And what small ways did I help to build the Honeycomb yesterday?

*I appear to have mistakenly added the days in some past posts, which I will fix if there is ever time…

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