Journal: 6/9/11

What is this writing journal all about?

Well, time doesn’t walk. Nearly a month later from my last entry, though I do have an honorable excuse – directing Ajax in Iraq. I truly gave this production everything I had, so there was barely time to hiccup, let alone write.

I did manage to squeeze in a new short play, Let Slip, for Flux’s New World Iliads. I wrote the play starting at midnight and finished around 2:30AM the night before rehearsal began, but it played surprisingly well. Part of it was having a director and actors who know my work, and knew how to track the slalom from comedy to something else. And…part of it may have been the festive, intoxicated atmosphere. But I’ll take it.

I also had the pleasure of seeing the Decades Out reading of Deinde, ably directed by Pete Boisvert. The new end scene played beautifully, and besides a few line tweaks here and there, I think the play is ready for production. I’m so grateful to Decades Out for workshopping my science plays – both Dark Matter and Deinde owe their current incarnations to the Launch Pad.

Speaking of Dark Matter, it will now have two readings in two states in a single week! In addition to Penobscot Theatre reading the play as part of their Northern Writes Festival on June 30th; Reverie Productions is reading the play as part of their Next Generation Playwriting Contest on June 27th. I’m very happy to be spending some time with Marie, Maxine, Afruz, Donny and the rest.

There’s a lot I hope to do now that Ajax in Iraq is open. In addition to continuing work on the play Persephone and the novel After Earth (can’t wait!), I’m rewriting Other Bodies for a reason I cannot yet reveal, and need to begin drafting the high school play. Lots to do!

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