Journal: 5/12/11

What is this writing journal all about?

Under A Better Sky. Or, Under The Better Sky?

The slightest of differences matter immensely in the matter of titles. Here, exchanging an “a” for a “the” completely changes the feel of the title. I’m leaning slightly towards the second, as the specificity grounds and grits it (and is likely to be better reflected by the actual play I think I’ll write).

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of venturing down to Hall High School in West Hartford, where my old friend Sean Harris is commissioning me to write a play for 16 of his theatre students. I had five minutes with each of them, and my goal was less to find out what they can do as actors, and more to hear that unique fingerprint of voice we all possess.

It was a moving experience: these are passionate, highly articulate theatre lovers; and they are also high school kids, with the all surging pangs and hopes that go with that brief (unless you’re in the middle of it) identity.

The play that I expect to write will have one of those titles listed above, and in 90 minutes provide worthwhile opportunities for 16 fascinating students.  I can’t wait to write it…but wait is exactly what I’ll have to do.

In the meantime, I’m counting the minutes until the workshop of Deinde tonight! Will I see you there?

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