Journal: 6/20/11

“Then, a blink of darkness, and they were somewhere else.”

What is this writing journal all about?

Ajax in Iraq (only one week left, so get yer tix) and the TCG Conference kept me from writing until the plane ride home yesterday, where I finished the 1st chapter of After Earth (those words may just end that last chapter).

I worry it’s a little too white knuckle, but am otherwise really happy with this first draft. Zou is opening up into a really interesting character, and though I worry her emotional life may be too dark this early, it feels real and right:

“She was scared of the woods, hated going in unless Liam came along, but now she found  she liked it. She belonged here, in the dark, with the owls and moths, as the frogs from the dry river croaked, croaked. She was ugly like them, she belonged in the dark.

Without quite knowing where she was going, she walked towards the sound of the train. Branches grabbed at her arms, briars tore at her legs, but she didn’t mind. She was becoming something else, something made of briars and branches, owls and moths; she heard the croak, croak, and knew it meant walk faster.

Something important had happened on the tracks, something she needed to remember. She started to run, and felt the train running towards her as the ground croaked, and the hoarse whistle tore at her legs.


Really excited to have finished the first chapter!

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