Journal: 5/10/11

What is this writing journal all about?

God, how do you stand listening to that? That, babble?

Oh, I don’t mind. I see him in there. And we’re together now, aren’t we, Cooper?

This morning I stole an hour or so to rewrite the ending of DEINDE for the read through at Decades Out’s Launchpad seriesAjax in Iraq is keeping me away from these rehearsals, but I have a tremendous cast that includes Nitya Vidyasagar, Ryan Andes, Daryl Lathon and Brian Pracht (and Pete Boisvert is directing), so I expect that reading will teach me a great deal about the play.

In particular, I’m excited to see what Nita’s new presence in the final scene does to the play. It feels like it will have a greater inevitability – she is the one, after all, best suited to respond to Mindy’s grief, as she was ultimately responsible for the decisions that set everything in motion. And having Cooper still struggling to recover will naturally give the ending a darker charge.

Additionally, it allows for the Cooper/Nita relationship to finish its arc -they are finally together completely, but not in the way either had expected or hoped.

Anyway, if you’re in NYC this Thursday, please join us for this free reading and let me know what you think!

And in other exciting (science play) news, Dark Matter is going to be read as part of Penobscot Theatre’s Northern Writes New Play Festival on June 30th!

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