Journal: 3/20/11

What is this writing journal all about?

Well, so much for keeping up with a daily journal of writing! There are a lot of good reasons for why I fell derelict with this journal: wedding prep; producing Dog Act and more recently, the Food:Soul of Spectacular Browne (not to mention all the Flux Sundays); attending the Arena Stage New Play Convening; writing an article for American Theatre;and yes, writing plays (and trying to send them out much more frequently).

But the reasons for beginning this journal are the same reasons I should try again, and so, here we go…

Since last I posted, I have not at all kept to my proposed goal of 10 pages a day. However, it hasn’t been a total wasteland, either; instead, a number of smaller projects have kept me busy:

  • I contributed to Piper McKenzie’s Dainty Cadaver series with my short, A Single Crumb Forever. The whole series then ended up being published in the Midway Journal.
  • I wrote a ridiculous ode to Nosedive Production’s upcoming remount of Infectious Opportunity called It’s A Wonderful Opportunity, which, if it did nothing else, brought the esteemed Martin Denton to the stage.
  • I wrote a one minute play for Adaptive Arts’ One Minute Play Festival, Endless Song of Happiness (playing tonight!)
  • I wrote new scenes for How To Go, The Sea Concerto, and an untitled play based on Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway for various Flux Sundays.
  • A scene from Denny and Lila was staged at Flux’s recent Have Another.
  • Scenes from The Hand That Moves were read at Adaptive Arts’ Featured Artist event yesterday
  • Dark Matter is currently a semi-finalist for several competitions, and Deinde is going to be featured in the next Launchpad from Decades Out.

Smaller projects like the short plays above are a lot of fun, but I still can’t believe it’s March and I haven’t finished a new full length play or begun the book. Things are only going to get busier, so I have to improve my discipline and efficiency if I’m going to catch up with all the stories inside me. Hopefully, this journal can be a catalyst for that, and not fall again into radio silence.

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