Journal, 3/21/11

What is this writing journal all about?

I write this currently recovering from a splitting headache that pretty much took away most of my day. Luckily, yesterday was very productive, with 9 pages written on a new play for Flux Sunday. This play is inspired by Lolita, but will explore a different kind of obsessive desire. I think the play will be written for 4 women, and the staging at Flux Sunday was useful, with one scene ending pay-off landing a good five lines earlier than I thought it would – a good sign, and a cue to cut.

Also enjoyed getting to see Marielle Duke, Gabby Sherba and Ryan Andes stage my one-minute play, Endless Song of Happiness. It’s essentially a comic parable in sixty seconds, with a brief set-up, a foray into linguistic silliness, and then (ideally) a charged moment of seriousness. In that regard, Marielle was right in noting it was very like my contribution to Boomerang’s benefit, Where It Comes and Where It Goes. I wouldn’t rate either play among my top shorts, but trying to stretch silliness until it snaps into something painful on a small scale makes it easier to do it in a full length.

Maybe tonight I’ll be able to write a page or two, to build some kind of streak, but for now, I will tend this tender head.

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2 thoughts on “Journal, 3/21/11

  1. I am sorry to hear that you had such a headache. Time is scarce and it is sad to lose it. Hemingway once wrote about “the small death of a wasted day.” I hope the evening allowed you to rescue some productivity. Headaches are easy to underestimate.

  2. Thanks, Lawrence! This one was rough enough I thought I might be sick, but thankfully, I feel better this morning. So hopefully I’ll dodge the small death today…

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