Journal: 1/4/11

What is this writing journal all about?

I turned all of my writing energies on 1/4 to my contribution for A Night Of Readings About Life In Showbiz. Though technically a dramatic essay and not a play, I’m unsure of how much of a difference there really in terms of craft; it felt very much like writing a monologue for a character, only in this case, the character was a public version of me. I did this with Amen Abandon as well, so maybe this more biographical monologuing is something I’ll do more regularly.

Anyway, should you want to learn more about and give it a read, you can do so here.

It feels good to have a something newly finished in 2011, even if it’s only 4 pages long; but I’ll be happier when I have a Temptation Show draft done, and happier still when I start the book, which currently has a continental loom to it, as I anchor nervously off its shore.

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