Journal: 1/3/11

What is this writing journal all about?

No 18 page day today! I do get two and a half pages more of The Temptation Show done: a monologue for Mercy and a transitional scene between Angel and Steve. I’ll share the current state of the Mercy monologue here:

MERCY: Oh, well, I guess I’m sharing the clue with everyone cause it’s the right thing to do. I mean, I know we’re competing, but, like, my older brother Peter played football, and he always said that God’s love didn’t stop where the field started, you know? God’s love was on the field, too. So that means when you tackle someone, you’re not trying to kill them, even if your teammates and coach and everyone in the stands are chanting “Kill them! Kill them! Yahh!” Then it’s just the Coliseum and you’re the lion. No, you need to be the lamb, even when you sack the quarterback, and that’s what I’m trying to do here. Maybe I’ll win, maybe I’ll lose, but I’ll play fairly and with God’s love in my heart, no matter what.

I also began working on my contribution to this event at the KGB Bar – come check it out tonight, though I’ll try and post it tomorrow.

While I’d like to end up averaging around 10 pages a day, given I had a full day of work and our first read-through of Flux’s Dog Act at night, I’m just glad I got pages on the board. Here’s to a long streak of writing every day!

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