(Not much baby-blogging in this update, so here’s an adorable picture from Heather of keeping watch over a stomach-napping Mercena while having a picnic.) (Why am I naming days?) 9/30/14, Day 14,028 (Mercena Day 46): #MeowMeow4Life This day is so named for my dear friend and Flux Creative Partner Kia Rogers, whom the Flux CPsContinue reading “#MeowMeow4Life”

KD and The Lab; or, Better Baths

(Why am I naming days?) 9/29/14, Day 14,027 (Mercena Day 45): KD and The Lab; or, Better Baths Yesterday I returned to work and had my first Mission to (dit)Mars’ Propulsion Lab meeting afterwards, so I missed all but the book ends of Mercena’s day. Thankfully, Heather kept me supplied with some choices pics, likeContinue reading “KD and The Lab; or, Better Baths”