Anniversary at The Witching Hour

(Why am I naming days?) 9/18/14, Day 14,016 (Mercena Day 34): Anniversary at The Witching Hour For our third anniversary, Heather and I knew there was only one place we wanted to go: The Witching Hour. This trendy FoHi restaurant comes to you, cooking whatever you have frozen in your fridge that requires the leastContinue reading “Anniversary at The Witching Hour”

Mercena’s First Flux Season Vote

(Why am I naming days?) 9/17/14, Day 14,015 (Mercena Day 33): Mercena’s First Flux Season Vote After feeling overwhelmed on her 32rd day, her 33rd day marked a big breakthrough. She became markedly more comfortable with the Eat/Activity/Sleep pattern laid out by The Baby Whisperer, and within that pattern, she had much more happy, engaged awakeContinue reading “Mercena’s First Flux Season Vote”

Rain, Library, Bottle

(Why am I naming days?) 9/16/14, Day 14,014 (Mercena Day 32): Rain, Library, Bottle Yesterday marked another milestone: the transition to feeding her Heather’s pumped breast milk in a bottle. For those who have never pumped milk from their breasts, you might be surprised how comic the machine is: it looks how the future lookedContinue reading “Rain, Library, Bottle”