Journal, 8/28: The Time, She Flies

“We’re going at it so fast it gets to be I can’t tell which of us is talking, we’re one thing…” This has been a crazy busy month, and there is much to report, so hopefully you will forgive my long absence here. First, I am honored to have Riding the Bull and Other BodiesContinue reading “Journal, 8/28: The Time, She Flies”

Journal: 7/30, Pre-Retreat

“And there was something else, the way she moved, like she knew I was watching her, like she knew she was made to be watched.” Now I’ve begun the process of rewriting the newly completed Perse, and thankfully, have just now joined the Reverie Productions Playwrighting Meetup Group. This bi-weekly group could prove invaluable toContinue reading “Journal: 7/30, Pre-Retreat”

Journal: 7/24, or Perse Complete

“Yes, that’s how it goes. Silly the things we can’t remember.” Perse is finished. I know the saying goes that writers hate writing and love having written, but that isn’t true for me. You have to end a play, otherwise you risk getting hit by a bus and leaving the characters forever dangling, but thereContinue reading “Journal: 7/24, or Perse Complete”