Journal: 7/30, Pre-Retreat

“And there was something else, the way she moved, like she knew I was watching her, like she knew she was made to be watched.”

Now I’ve begun the process of rewriting the newly completed Perse, and thankfully, have just now joined the Reverie Productions Playwrighting Meetup Group. This bi-weekly group could prove invaluable to me in the rewrite process, as I tend to use Flux Sundays for brand new pages, and so have no regular spur for rewrites.  We looked at the first 17 pages, and I think I can streamline the action even further without losing Melinda’s natural evasions. The group is a warm and talented group of people, and I look forward to getting to know them better.

A review for the Seattle Riding the Bull is out, and it’s largely positive! The people behind the show are really lovely, professional group, so I’m happy for them and hopeful it will bring more people to see it.

Speaking of rewrites, on Monday I head out to Flux’s annual retreat, where I hope to work on Perse, The Hand That Moves and Honey Fist. Tonight and tomorrow morning, I’ll be racing to get as much work done on them as I can.

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