Journal, 8/28: The Time, She Flies

“We’re going at it so fast it gets to be I can’t tell which of us is talking, we’re one thing…”

This has been a crazy busy month, and there is much to report, so hopefully you will forgive my long absence here.

First, I am honored to have Riding the Bull and Other Bodies published as part of Indie Theater Now. The good folks behind have done it again, and I’m thrilled to be included alongside so many playwrights I admire. Check it out, and read a script or two before you go.

Second, Riding the Bull closed in Seattle to some encouraging reviews, and judging from the pictures Jen Anderson shared with me, the production clearly hewed close to the humanity of the characters, which is essential for the play to work. I have posted pictures from the production and the reviews on the Riding the Bull page.

Third, Flux workshopped Perse, The Hand That Moves and Honey Fist at our 2011 Retreat, and I’ve posted some pictures on respective pages. The retreat prompted successful rewrites of all three plays, and the uniquely appropriate staging opportunities of Little Pond (Honey Fist on an actual hill, The Hand That Moves in an Edenic clearing, Perse in the pounding night rain and wind) will never be captured again.

Fourth, I’m thrilled to announce that Dreamwalker will be produced in the fall – hopefully I’ll be able to announce the particulars shortly!

Fifth, Denny and Lila is being read as part of MTWorks‘ Living Room Series in consideration for their National Newborn Festival. This is very exciting, as I’m a big admirer of MTWorks, and have never actually heard this whole play at once.

I’ve also finished 20+ pages of a new play called Jane the Plain, which represents my first attempt at a full-length play in the style of Lipstick and Wrenches.

However, all of the above doesn’t matter if I can’t complete a first draft of the play I’ve been commissioned to write for a high school – a draft that is due on the 1st. Can I finish it in time? Stay tuned, true believers.

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