Trans Sonnet #1: The girl doesn’t live here…

The girl doesn’t live here but she knows the way
To find what she needs when everyone’s gone.
Clothes a woman wears on a sunny day;
The girl who doesn’t live here puts them on.

She puts them on, she tries them out, and sees
A child who must be somebody’s daughter;
All smiles, no curves, bright eyes, and scabby knees;
A girl cured by swimming in salt water.

A door knob turns, they’re home too soon, she runs
And stuffs the dream away. She doesn’t live here.
Her place belongs to someone else’s son.
He knows just what a boy should want and fear.

The mirror holds her memory like a mother;
The girl who doesn’t live here has no other.



This is the first of a series of sonnets I’m writing about my experience as a trans person. Thankfully, after coming out, the sonnet above no longer holds true. That girl does have a mother (and a father, too), and she loves them and is loved by them, deeply.

Published by CorinnaSchulenburg

Artist and Activist

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